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I'm sitting here watching the MSNBC coverage of Michael Jackson's death, and I'm angry because recently the love fest has turned into a slander-MJ day. No one has ever said these things about him, but now apparently MJ is an egotistical asshole who took money from rich people and didn't make good on the deals. Anyway, despite them, Michael Jackson will always be a music legend. I've known of him for as long as I can remember.

He was so great, my family has been such fans. We would sit down and watch The Wiz all the time. We know all the songs, and even sometimes my cousins would come to watch. We would watch the videos, and just sing along. Other than Luther Vandross and James Brown I've never seen LEGENDS die. I thought he would be here long enough that I could pass his legendness to my kids, I guess now I have to use the next YouTube and my CDs to do it.  My mother played him in our house, and his first hit single in the Jackson 5 came the year she was born.

My mother will be forty this year.

Forty years of being a major figure in music. Forty years of success. I can only wish I will be that successful for that long.

Beneath the cut are some of my favorite Michael Jackson songs:

Don't Stop Til You Get Enough, from the Off the Wall album


Scream, this is my favorite because it is both him and Janet

Rock with You, I really love this song so fucking much
Those are some of my favorite songs by Michael Jackson, he had great success.  Rest in peace, bb. You have touched generations of kids all over the world.


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