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First off, let me celebrate the fact that Adelle DeWitt was in my dream. I'm not surprised that she was because I had just finished watching Dollhouse, as well as making a post about her on livejournal. I'm usually a big fan of weird dreams, they are how I get ideas for stories (I started this Sci-Fi story that was made of win) but last night's had me sleep until 2 PM. I NEVER sleep that late, so I guess I can tell you about my dream.

So, my dream took place basically in the Epitaph One-verse. DeWitt, Rory Gilmore (I know guys), a few others and myself managed to get off our Earth and make it to a new universe where DeWitt promptly is close to becoming Supreme Leader after manuvering her way into that government and killing off a few members, but just before she is announced as Supreme Leader or whatever, it breaks that she broke several laws, and all of us that came with her to that universe jumped on this ship that broke apart from the dock (I think it was the Evan Almighty ark) and we ended up flying away. We went through this transparent wave thing, and ended up back on our Earth. We landed on this shore, and it was beautiful, the water was a clear green-blue, and we just jumped in the water to hang out.

Rory was sitting on the shore, and went "I can't believe we're in the Amazon." she paused and said, "Oh shit, pirahnas, get out of the water, get out of the water now!" So all of us rushed out of the water, and DeWitt watches and one guy is taken under and comes back up to walk back to the shore. I have no clue what happened to the ship, but suddenly we're in a house (DeWitt, like three people and myself) and we're trying to get away from the crazy humans trying to kill us. See how I said that this is in the Epitaph One-verse.  We were getting weapons gathered up, and I was told to jump in this stroller thing and we were rolling down a street with weapons, shooting at the crazies, and we ended up in this house/mall type thing trying to decide how to make money in a casino we were going to start (seriously, what?)

And I was really interested in the Mortal Kombat Game, where you win money every time you beat the computer. Also, one of the girls with us had come up with this game that DeWitt thought was awesome, but then a guy broke in and killed her so we had to run. Honestly, I think somewhere between that scene and the next when we were in YET another house, because she was looking at me with the eyes of sex, and this is not me adding this for the lulz. Anyway, we decided to get out of there and head towards a good place.

So we exit the house, our weapons raised, shooting anyone we come across when we see a coach sheparding people onto two buses. For some reason the group didn't see us, so John, one of the guys traveling with us, throws a bomb, while another guy disappears. After the buses are blown up, the guy who disappeared drove through the fire in a van and we all jumped in, put the windows and were prepared to shoot through the window while he drove.

After that I woke up, it was an interesting dream, I'm not going to lie. I think dreaming about DeWitt is probably the most awesome thing evar.

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